Alfred Hosp: Powers of the Spirit

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Englische Übersetzung von "Kräfte des Geistes"
Bruno Gröning Stiftung, Pfinzweiler, 2010
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"... when you have received healing, be continually thankful for it. Help always comes from God Himself, never from me."

"... the divine power and God's help are always available to every person who truly trusts and has faith!"

Alfred Hosp, extremely disabled shortly after birth, was given a very poor prognosis. Now, many decades later, he lives on to share with the reader the deep joy and healings he received and witnessed during extensive time spent with the spiritual teacher and healer, Bruno Gröning. Mr Gröning was thrown into the media spotlight in 1950s Germany, where his powerful gift and spiritual knowledge were unprecedented. Up to 30,000 people a day flocked to listen to him and receive healing. In Powers of the Spirit, the author depicts his own special relationship with Bruno Gröning, communicates his profound message and helps keep it alive.

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